API Reference

With Troop Marketplace, you can manipulate your apps by using the public Graphql API that runs on Apollo Server. This API reference provides comprehensive details for integrating with the GraphQL project implemented using Apollo Server.

That this API reference assumes prior knowledge of GraphQL concepts. If you're new to GraphQL, we recommend familiarizing yourself with its basics before using this documentation. Should you encounter difficulties or have questions, the GraphQL and Apollo Server communities offer ample resources and support.

With our Graphql API, you can manipulate apps of type Place Data and subtypes Geographic Area and Geographic Location.

  • Use subtype Geographic Area if you want your map layers to represent countries, regions or cities (see the examples). For example: country risk, COVID risk, LGBTQ+ risk...

  • Use subtype Geographic Location if you want your map layer to represent points, lines, polygons or other supported geometries (see the examples). For example: meeting spaces, office locations, restaurants...

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